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Jul 3, 2004
Anchorage, AK
So, after looking on here and youtube I came to the conclusion that I can install the water temp bulb here


Had you considered an Engine Watchdog instead? Its a much more useful Auxillary Temperature monitor.. you bolt the thermocouple to any part of the head.. then, regardless of what the water temperature is doing, you're going to get a reliable accurate head temperature monitor and audible alarm..

ENGINE WATCHDOG Audible Engine Overheating Alarm, Gauge & Sensor
Once you fit an Engine Watchdog you tend to get a picture of the temperature profile your engine follows as it warms up, as it climbs a hill, as the thermostat opens and closes..

The actual numeric values, whilst shown in degrees, on the Engine Watchdog aren't really that important.. once you know how your engine behaves (as reported by the Engine Watchdog) you then select an "alarm" temperature about 10degs above what you'd expect to see after an aggressive hill climb..

The unit will then alarm if this temperature is ever reached, a very loud buzzer is sounded.

My own Watchdog is set to alarm at 87deg (Celcius).. When cruising my usual temperature fluctuates around 74deg. After a big hill climb, I'm usually around 79deg..

Mine is bolted below my head, on the oil cooler.. not ideal, I need to move it. But I know that it does accurately track engine temperature.. if my coolant temp is up, the Watchdog reflects this.

The problem with monitoring coolant temperatures it that a complete loss of coolant (or even low coolant) will give you odd readings. The Engine Watchdog eliminates all doubt and you KNOW what is going on.
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