2H and EDIC questions

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Jun 9, 2012
South of Perth, West Australia
My HJ47 doesn't stop when the key is switched off. I have to stall it to stop it. Several questions: Would an 83' 2h have EDIC or a pull choke or something else to stop the engine? Isn't there certain parts that can be damaged by stalling? Also, I think my fuel pump isn't stock. Is the electrical unit with two hoses coming out of it the fuel pump? It's located near a metal tank with two hoses coming out under the drivers seat mounted below the body. It's black and circular. What ever it is, it's not connected. One of the hoses Isn't connected.
I'm a complete noob when it comes to this stuff and help would be appreciated.
Probably try the diesel section for diesel-specific questions:
Diesel Tech and 24 volts Systems

There are a ton of threads on there about the 3B EDIC, not sure about the 2H EDIC.
The EDIC relay is not available any more, or so the dealers here in Melbourne tells me. I have a manual glowplug switch and went to a local auto electrician to fab up a relay that I can use to shut the motor off. Do you still have the EDIC motor? Then it should work. The round thing sounds like your water trap.

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