2H / 12H-T / 3F / 1HD-T bolt pattern (1 Viewer)

Oct 6, 2008
Perth, Australia
Hi, does anyone know definatively if there were any similarities in bolt pattern between the 12H-T and the 3F opr 1HD-T??

My current project requires an excellent torque converter. Apparantly, the 12H-T has about the worst......

The 1HD-T , 1HD-FT and newer V8 Torque converters from the A442F box are very good so I would like to either use one of those boxes or adapt mine.

I want to spend as little as is required, thus the aim of the excercise is to use std parts if possible.

Can a 1HD-T torque converter fit inside the 12H-T A440F Bell housing??

Anyway, help with these questions would be appreciated.

Cheers, Graeme

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