2f w/4-speed trans and transfer case

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Jan 16, 2011
Highland Village, TX
United States

Selling the F MOTOR, 4 speed trans and transfer case from my fj55......it was rebuilt about 25,000 miles ago.....i am including everything, all the accessories etc.....
I am putting a cummins 12 valve 5.9....need to sell, i could use the room.


i will ship....as long as you pay..
SALE MAY 2011 148.jpg
SALE MAY 2011 153.jpg
SALE MAY 2011 150.jpg
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Where are you located ?

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Isn't that an F? Does not look like a 2F to me. What year is it from?

And the vacuum t-case? Not a 2F item.

You know, I am not sure about this, but I think it would be consistent with a 74 and an earlier t-case. That would get you the 4 speed, the F motor and the vacuum shift t-case.

The motor is an F. Even the serial # confirms.
it's not an early t-case, there's a ribbed nose cone on it. so i'd say it's the proper 4spd case ( possibly the 10 spline input with the lower gear set ) that somebody converted to vacuum shift when they installed it in the cruiser.
The placement of the oil filter will tell if it's a early (72/73) F155 or a later (74) F155. On the early one the oil filter attached to the intake manifold. On the later it was on the passenger's side in front of the dist.
Thought I had it sold.....made the deal, and the guy backed out......dropped price to $400.00....including everything....Radiator (new core)....anything that attaches to the motor or trans...

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