2f valve head rebuild



I have a 2F head I want to rebuild. Has anyone done this
on their own? If so what parts did you buy. Did you replace the valve guides and seats yourself? Can this be a home shop mec. job or should I just pay a machine shop to do it?
Mike L. Point me in the right direction
Feb 1, 2002
No. Ogden, Utah
Depending on your experience and what you can afford and the condition of the head. I wish I could afford to send alot of stuff off to be done right the first time, but where is the adventure in that, and you don't build experience, and I just can't afford to (there are exceptions).

I did mine about a year ago. It will save you a bit of money to do most of the labor youself. I only had the shop grind my valves and seats and check for warpage and cracks. They did it for a couple of bucks a grind if you brought it all disassembled and clean. I should have replaced the guides but I didn't, it shouldn't cost too much more for that though. The valves and seats were still in specs so I didn't need to replace them.

Any Haynes manual or better can guide you step by step through the removal and disassembly if you get stumped but it's not too complicated, and you might have to get creative when it comes to special tools like the spring compressor ( I used the handles of my channel locks and a roll of tape under the valve to keep it from moving down, You'll see what I mean).

Tip: before you try removing the keepers, hit all around the retainer in all directions a few times with a rubber mallet, then the keepers come out easily.

And don't forget you have the message boards to help you out too. So ask away.

Good luck :D
Dec 18, 2002
Davidsonville, MD
It's $200, give or take depending on where you're located.  Unless you have a milling machine there's no point in doing it yourself.  It's a pita, there's nothing especially entertaining or difficult (just need a valve spring compressor and a rubber mallet) about the job, and the great thing about having it done is that when they deck the head to straighten it out, which they should, you can have them take off .050 to bump up  your compression and power.   They'll hot tank it, magnaflux (to check for cracks) and replaced those things that need to be replaced.  I had a few keepers that needed to be replaced and 3 or 4 valves.  They did a 3 angle valve grind (5 is pointless on these motors), buttoned every up, and painted it the color of my choice in about 2 days.  They also let me watch.  

So, go and watch.  But remember, these guys do this every day.  They know they're stuff.  $200 is a small price to pay for peace of mind.


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