2f ps pump/mini truck box/bj70 misc/hubs (1 Viewer)

Mar 30, 2008
del norte, co
cleaning out the shop and got no use maybe you do??

2f power steering pump,bracket,hp line and mini truck ps box w/arm and u joint, box is smooth and has no slop $150 for both+ship

1987 bj70 birfields and axle shafts, make offer

aisin hubs, (bj70) bearings smooth and good engagement, but not pretty good spares or?? $75 for the pair+ ship

1987 bj70 LHD power clutch MC worked when pulled, has surface rust(not too bad) make offer

also have some misc 24v relays (wiper control,fuel control,wiper,flasher,etc..) and a 24v wiper motor (bj70) if someone can use them

if interested i can send pics of any or all
del norte, co

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