2F possibly for sale...anybody have a need?

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Nov 28, 2012
I am considering doing a v8 swap in my FJ60 and wanted to just send out a feeler to see if anybody would be intersted in buying my 2F? Engine is from a 1984 FJ60 with 197K on it. Recently in the last 1k miles I rebuilt the carburetor, did a tune up, and replaced the oil pan, side cover, and valvecover gaskets.
Engine runs strong and does not burn any oil...in fact the oil stays suprisingly clean, I was impressed. It has all of the smog components except the EGR.( Apparently taken off by the PO)

Planning on checking the compression numbers tonight. Engine is still in vehicle, so you could fire it up and take it for a spin if interested.
Im located in Helena.

could be interested depending on price.
Assuming the compression numbers are as good as it runs, anybody know what a fair price would be? Engine would include all of the accesories and smog equipment. This engine shouldn't fall by the wayside, I think it is too good.
I've bought several running 2F's. low was free or less than a hundred bucks, the high was just under 500 bucks for one with less than 5K on a rebuild, so who knows.
Engine is more tired than I thought ranging from 112 to 120 on the compression numbers..........but the point is moot, as I seem to be loosing my shop space for any involved conversions. Back to the drawing board at this point.

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