2f parts and 55 parts

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Nov 12, 2002
United States
I am selling a 2f head with new valve regrind job and shaved never installed went to a v8 200.00 also have a 2f bottom end complete dont know mileage guy said it ran looks decent 50.00 also have a 2f distributer 50.00 and a box full of good pistons for 2f 40.00 and a bunch of intake and exaust manifolds 1 shaved  50.00 1 exaust manifold with smog off 77 40.00  all stuff is negotiable possibly trade also parting out a 72fj55 no motor trans or tcase call with needs
where are you located?
I might be interested in your 2F parts and a couple of parts (rear springs) off of the FJ55
allentown ,P.A
Call with needs? There is no phone number. I could have missed it though.

I need parts from that fiddy5.

My 800 # 777-1415. x2497 Im looking for a dash, fenders, skid plate and rear heat.


Greg Kemper
I would like the side mirrors if you still got them... Please e-mail me @ tylerattewell@shaw.ca


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