2F manifold and head gasket set

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Sep 23, 2003
United States
I bought a man-a-fre valve regrind gasket set (#04112-61041), and ended up only using a couple of parts. The parts were purchased for my 84 FJ60. The parts will fit the 80-87 FJ60s, and will likely fit other 2F motors but you will need to check on that.

I have a complete, NIB, headgasket with valve guides, etc. ($15 + shipping) See pics below

I have a complete intake/exhaust manifold with the 2 required riser gaskets.($10 + shipping) See pics below.
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what brand is the manifold gasket?
Cosmo. The gasket is not stamped or anything, so I do not know the manufacturer. The MAF packaging indicates it was made in Japan. The large fire rings are made from metal and look to me like a Felpro kit MS22813. Check out this link...


Again...I don't know the manufacturer, but MAF would if you want to ring them.
If it's not bent in any way I'll take it. I'm at 97702 let me know what the shipping is going to be and If you would ship it with something that won't let it bend any Thin ply wood or ? that would be great. How is it in Vt. right now. I lived in middlebury and burlington a few years back. Great place to be. Let me know thanks.
The headgasket, valve stem guides, etc. are still available. Sold the manifold gaskets.

Anyone doing a headjob, or need one....eh? I kill myself.
I'll take the head gasket set. I'll pm ya.

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