Wanted 2F in NJ

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Feb 4, 2011
Oak Park IL
United States
I am going back and forth between replacing the head gasket (and assorted parts) on my overheated 2F or going with a complete unit. Please let me know what you have so I can make an informed decision.

It is going into a 1976 FJ40.

Woodbridge area. :cheers:
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I have a 2F available. It is from a 1979 FJ40 with 87k miles. The previous owner who is a fireman in my local town owned it. The vehicle was running and driving without issue but the body was very rusty. He took the vehicle apart in an inside garage and started gathering parts for a restore. Really did not get off the ground and he ended up selling the entire project to me. I am not restoring it just using some of the parts. I have not herd the engine run but know it was stored inside and kept sealed. It still has the transmission and transfercase attached. $500 for the 2F. Complete with 4-speed transmission and transfercase $900

See the following for a U tube of the engine turning over: 2012-07-28_12-10-09_362 - YouTube

Had a friend help me that knows much more about engines than I do. We first turned the engine over with no problem. Actually used a long screwdriver instead of a socket (I learned something). Then removed the plugs and he hooked a battery up and jumped it over. That is what the u tube shows with no plugs inserted. Did a compression test but I have an old meter that leaks. It shows from 100 to 120 across the board. Now this engine has been sitting and the battery was a little weak. We did squirt engine oil in each cylinder before turning it over.

Pictures of the engine can be seen at the following site: http://wadesters.fototime.com
I have an '84 2F available with 191k, still installed in an FJ60. You can hear it run before I pull it. Price would depend on how complete you want it.
Thanks Wade and Super, I will definitely keep y'all in mind if my pending deal doesn't go through for some reason.

Quick shout out to Rob who has really come through on the 2F I'm looking to swap in. Thanks again, buddy. MEGA :beer: for ya.
As a backup saw this on craigslist in Red Bank for $250.
25 minutes or so from Woodbridge
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1978 FJ40 2F engine

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