2F Idle Mixture Screw anyone?

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Jul 27, 2020
Hey! First post here but I've been spending most of my weekends on here after buying my 1985 FJ60 in October. A few weeks ago my LC shut off at a stop light. It would turn over with a bit of gas/choked but wouldn't idle. After a squirrely drive home, me and my mechanic buddy took a look and the carb doesn't seem to be working in both chambers. My friend took apart the carb and when trying to put it back together we noticed the previous owner mangled the idle mixture screw. I tried ordering one on the toyota parts store but it looks like it's discontinued.

Long story short: Before having to either buy a brand new carb or going with the Holley Sniper does anyone have an Idle Mixture Screw+spring they would be willing to part with/sell?
Put a wanted ad in the parts classified section.
Thanks @2mbb ! I did see this size kicking around but it looks a little different to the one I pulled out of mine. I posted on the classifieds and got a few leads though! Thanks man :)

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