2f head/manifold photos

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Jul 1, 2011
chattanooga, tn
Hi there -

New to the forum, but I have been searching. Just picked up an '85 FJ60 with an exhaust manifold leak - broken bolt at cylinder 6.

Any chance that someone has a picture of their build showing the naked head with studs in place? I can't seem to find a diagram that shows clearly whether the last bolt (number 6, by the firewall) is a bolt or stud...naturally, that one has to be the one that's broken!

Also, any advice on the job? Time isn't an issue..plenty of space to tie up for a couple of weeks if needed...tied it up for nearly a year in 2009-10 for a full rebuild of a 59 VW bus.


Perfect. Thanks! With all of my searching, can't believe i missed that....
It's a bolt, but some people replace it with a stud for easier access.
Thanks! Any chance you have the metrics for the bolt/stud?

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