2F & H42 for sale

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Dec 29, 2003
United States
Hi All,
I'm swapping my 2F/H42/T-case from my 60 with a diesel here soon. I'm just about to the point of pulling the motor/tranny and was wondering if anyone is interested in it for a good price.

The problem, 3 cylinders are low in compression. A leakdown test revealed 2 cyl have sticking exhaust valves and the 3rd cyl has worn rings. The motor doesn't appear to be leaking oil. The motor has 186k on it without any significant work done to it. The tranny shifts well, has little play in the lever and doesn't fall out of gear. I don't know much else about it. The t-case shifts in/out of gear well with the occasional running in reverse to get it out of 4Low as most toyota's i've driven require occasionally.

I'm trying not to get into a parting out situation but would be open to it. I have all the accessories and will consider selling them.

I'd love to not have to deal with shipping/crating so if you can pick up that'd be great, otherwise I can ship. I live in Moscow, Idaho (1.5 hrs from Spokane).

I can send pictures too if you'd like.


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