2F Engine Proble?

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Apr 12, 2002
I need some possible diagnois here! My '77 2F has had a noticeable loss in power for the last few months - felt mostly on highway hills - could be a failing vacuum advance (mentioned in my earlier thread). The engine has had a different sound too??? Yesterday I was doing some moderate wheeling and on a hill climb my 2F died half way up. It wouldn't restart on the hill so I backed down to level ground. It cranked like it laboring to turn the engine over. Once it did start and I gave it a little gas friction sounds were definite! The oil pressure was at zero. I turned her off immediately. What's some possible scenarios here?
i have the same problem going up hills but my oil pressure doesnt drop i dont think, ill check next time. i have my engine problems to so if any one can help us both.

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