2F-E fan shroud

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Sep 28, 2004
Spokane, WA
This is only a confirmation:

An FJ60 fan shroud works well for the 2F-E engine swap. Mine is cut in half horizontally (just like the FJ62 shroud). I did have to modify the shroud to fit around the bottom water outlet, but it wasn't difficult at all.

I've been running with the lower half of the FJ62 only for 4 years with no cooling problems.
I was just going to PM you and ask you if you wanted a spare fan, fan clutch, shroud and carb cooling fan (with duct).

I guess not, eh?
Good to know, I've got a 60 shroud on the way for my 2FE. Just to clarify, you are running 60 shroud top and bottom? Or you kept the bottom of the 62 shroud and only added the top half of the 60?
I'll take that clutch :D

My carb fan has been gone for awhile. I called it a weight reduction :D

Consider it yours. Just gotta get it to you one of these days. I'm trying to offload this stuff from when I put my Contour fan assembly in and can't get myself to just throw it all away.
2F shroud with 2F block, 3F shroud with 3F block because the fan height varies due to block height differences. You can mix up the fan shrouds but to to do will require enlarging the mounting holes along the edge of the shroud.

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