2F distributor pickup sensor testing

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Feb 20, 2002
Coeur d’Alene, Idaho
Can anyone explain to me how to test the pickup sensor (coil?) in my 2F distributor? I know I should be able to detect voltage across the 2 wires when the engine is cranking but don't know what is good or bad?

Can a dead pickup coil on a TBI conversion explain why I get no spart or fuel out of the injectors?

I think so but not sure?

It would depend on which type of pickup you have. A magnetic pickup might be a couple of millivolts; while an electro-optical pickup would be a TTL level signal of several volts driving a high impedance circuit.

You could check it directly with an oscilloscope. You can check the magnetic type for continuity with an ohm meter to see if they are open. The easiest way to check is by swapping in a known good ignitor and checking for spark.

I can't imagine how a dead spark would have anything to do with fuel delivery on a TBI except if there was no power to either of them.

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