2F crankshaft keyway/timing gear alignment

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Aug 3, 2012
Louisville, KY
I’m continuing to work on my 2F rebuild. My crankshaft need to be reground or replaced. I found a replacement but the seller said that the two key ways on the crank are on opposite sides of each other and suggested I check mine before ordering. Mine are on the same side as each other.


I am assuming (hence the question) that it does not matter if they are on the same side or not bc I would assume that the keyway for the timing gear is always on the proper side and the orientation of the other keyway on the crank does not matter.

Can anyone confirm?

Assuming that you have only one key way for the timing gear, and one for the harmonic balancer, it doesn't matter whether the key ways are on the same side or opposite.
Agreed. The timing gear and correct meshing with the cam gear are all that matters.

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