2B diesel HELP

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Mar 28, 2009
Just purchased a 1981 BJ41 RHD with Toyota 2B diesel engine, need to find parts supplier and repair manual. ANYONE out there who can Help.
As a fellow 44 owner, take a look through the search engine for diesel manuals, that's where I found mine. What parts are you looking for and where are you located. I have gotten a few things through John mud handle RADD CRUISERS. Got any pics?? Where did you get it? Here is a pic of mine just in case you haven't already seen it on here.
bj44 mud pic.jpg
At the top of the main diesel page is a post (sticky) with a direct link to digital manuals. You should be able to find a FSM for the B,2B,3B engine series, some electrical wiring diagrams, body and paint manuals and more. Using the search engine is also very helpful as just about everything is discussed on mud. Good luck.
Try this link it will give you part numbers for you model which you can order through any Toyota dealer
Most of the parts on your Cruiser are standard parts,steering is RHD and tie rods are reverse threaded steering box on opposite side,most engine parts external are same as 3B oil pan & gasket,valve cover and gasket,water pump and thermo stat,filters fuel oil, belts pullies and hoses,alternator and starter,manifolds and gasket,injector pump and edic.
Only thing that will be different will be internals and probably some internal parts will cross reference with the 3B motor,the 3B is different from the 13BT but also shares alot of the same parts.
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Most part numbers still show in the toyota dealers parts ordering data bank some of the numbers have changed but have cross reference numbers which are the same part,so far I have not had any problems getting needed parts other than ones that are discontinued and these parts are the same parts shared with the FJ40s as well.
Can you have your alternator rebuilt this may be the cheaper avenue or look for a used one from a 3B,a new one if still available will be mucho dinero.
Howdy sorry for not responding sooner, got the info I need now, where close to eachother I'm in Pendleton Or. bought it in Canada.
I have a BJ44 as well and have done a lot of work and research on parts sources. Let me know what you need. Also, I have a Garrett turbo kit with almost all toyota stock parts that me and Diesel42 have put together. Top quality and all name brand manufacture. We are looking at a price of around $1600 for he whole kit. I am alos looking into Water to Air intercooling to make a kit for the B/2B/3B. let me know!


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