295 Nittos on my 99 4runner

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Jun 18, 2005
Well after going back and forth over and over, I finally ended up getting the Nitto Terra Grappler in 295/75/16 :banger:

I have only put about 10 miles on them, but have been through the city and on the highway at 70.

Much quiter than my MT/Rs (duh).

They don't seem any taller, but they are wider.
This width seems to be the max width you can run on 16x8 with 4.5"bs without modifiying the upper control arms.
Here is a shot with the wheel turned ALL the way:

random shots:

Looks nice! :cool: Just ordered a set of 315s for my 80. Replacing MTRs as well.
SizzleChest said:
looks good. almost time for some more lift. any problems fitting them on the factory wheels?

they are LC wheels--16"x8" with 4.5" of backspacing. they are perfect size and fit with just slight pinch weld modding.

So far I am very happy with them.:)
Stock 4r wheels are 16x7 with 4.367 bs.

It that little bit of difference that makes them work, plus it;s OEM :great:
Those are nice tires. I know a few folks who run them in all kinda terrain. They seemed pleased enough.


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