285 or 295 or 305 im going nuts.... please help

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Apr 4, 2012
ok so the quick info is:

1997 LC 2.5 inch OME lift
I tow a 6000LB Travel trailer
going to UP this summer
Baja/Maya rally December
down to Argentina Next year

finally made up my mind to go with a MUD T over the AT

Im going for 5 BFG MT KM2

I just need help with what size to go for

285s easy to find out of the US big but not too big (no new gears)

295s a little bigger (better) but not sure how easy it will be to find in lets say Peru or Guatemala plus I may be pushing it without new gears

305s bigger better but will need gears so more $$$$$

so you see all 3 have + and - but im not sure whats worth what

thanks for your help
I started with 285ATs. Now I have the 305 MT KM2s. I think 33s are the perfect balance and I dont think you have to re-gear till 35s IMHO.
Agreed ^^^^^!!!

I have 285s KM2s at the moment and I really want a wider stance. Next, I will go up to 305s! Same height, just wider stance, I'll also throw in some 1.5" spacers as well. I also have a 2.5" lift. You do not need to regear at 33s. When I say that, you really don't need to. With 35s, you don't NEED to regear, but it helps.
305 70R16's for the win :cheers:


Unless you have a lift, then I would go with 295 75R16's or 315 75R16's :beer:
255s, sorry... :)
i have the same thought thats been running threw my head. what size tire to get when i pull a 20'camper up and down mountain roads this summer. 2.5in lift and stock gears. im thinking 33in but want 35in tires.
285 75 16 - you really don't need more unless you are doing a lot of heavy off road rock.
345/75/16 ;)
Ill say get the easiest size available everywhere. If you are going down to Argentina there might be some places in south america were is hard to find rare sizes. 285 is very popular size tire. Im from south america (Venezuela) so trust me on this one. Sometimes it is not easy to find tires, even a BFG. You dont want to be driving on different sizes or different brands for several thousand km.
I'm running 305/70r16's. I like the wider look and no need to regear with 33's.
First choice: 255/85/16
Second: 285/75/16
x2...if you're towing, smaller is better 255/285 will do everything you need for less $$$, and you can get a 3 ply sidewall in the Falken Rocky Mtn. ATs (I know you wanted the soft sidewall Michelin) for about $40/pop less.:meh:
With all that upcoming traveling I think I would go with the 33s.

Cant beat the KM2s BTW. Very quiet for mud tires.
I started with 285's but just stepped up to 315's. I didnt notice too much of a power difference in this jump up. A lil bit going up long hills. I would say with towing and a 2.5" lift a 305 would be good. Just dont go too small because then you will always want bigger ones.
Mann I have 285 KM2s with like 90% tread left...Im gunna have to wait a while for new tires :/
I ran 285s for a couple of years, then 305s for 5 years or so before I switched to 315s for the last 5 years. I have always been on stock gears with no problems whatsoever even when I pulled a heavy car trailer in the hills of WVA from time to time on the 305s.

I would go 315s, but 305s if that is as big as you are willing to go. The 305s would probably make more sense if you are gonna be doin a lot of pullin.

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