285 BFG AT's and alignment results

Jan 19, 2005
Redlands, CA
I just replaced the Michelins with used 285/75/16 BFG AT KO's. A sidewall puncture to one of the Michelins preempted this. I just couldn't come to terms with spending $190 on a new Michelin or even $100 on one from a board member, so I looked for other options. Wasn't ready to drop the $$$ on four new ones, and as it turned out the timing was right. The BFG's; evenly worn with about 70% remaining tread were being auctioned on Ebay. I got them for $192 and was able to pick them up:grinpimp:
Tires were mounted and balanced using a Hunter machine and it also got an alignment. The truck had a slight pull to the right prior, but is straight as an arrown now...big difference. It holds a line on the highway, has zero pull during stop, and handles noticable better (partly a function of the tires perhaps). Theres no noticeable loss in power with the bigger tires, but they have stiffened the ride a little. Haven't filled up yet so don't know how MPG is effected. All in all I am very pleased and can't wait for my upcoming trip to Death Valley.
I look forward to adding OME springs and ?? shocks. Seems like more and more people are going with Bilsteins. I think I've read just about every shock post, but still don't have a clear decision. Unfortunately I don't think that mod will be any time soon. When I do install the OME springs and ?? shocks will any additional ground clearance be gained?


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