285/75 Nitto Terra Grapplers (5) on stock 80 rims

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Jul 27, 2008
Denver, CO
285/75 Nitto Terra Grapplers *SOLD*

I have five (5) 285/75R16 (8ply) tires on five stock 80 wheels. Wheels are in decent shape with no major curb rash or scrapes and off my '97. Tires have approx 3000 miles on two and 6000 miles on three (rotated them at 3000). VERY little wear to say the least. I went up to 35's and don't need these any more. Shipping is from 80205 in Denver, CO. $725.00 for the whole package + shipping. I'd rather not try to split them up as I'm basically throwing in the wheels for close to nothing...
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Please let me know if the sale falls through for some reason. This is the exact package I am looking for. Thanks.

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