285/75/16 MasterCraft Courser MT BRAND NEW

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Sep 25, 2006
Truckee, Tahoe, CA
These tires have around 4 hours of offroad use on them. I bought them and then that day rolled the 80, they've been sitting under my house ever since. If you don't mind the bad luck factor, this is a great deal.

Purchased 4 for $960

My price: $800

100% Tread, only 4 hours use.

local pickup only, Truckee, Lake Tahoe, CA
So very sorry to hear about your roll. Good luck with the sale.
These are basically 33", right? On rims, or no?
33" no rims.
bump, this is a great deal.
price lowered to 750, i'll get some pics up this week. You shouldn't really need them though. they are BRAND NEW.
whats shipping like on tires? Has to be high.
You'd end up spending more than you could get these at a local place. I offer local pickup only, I'll meet you half way if its not too far...

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