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Mar 27, 2003
My nephew recently bought an FJ Cruiser, knowing how well built cruisers are and my own love for my 80 series.

He asked a question last night about 285/18's. I know from Gon2suf, rfjtoy amongst others and reading here about 285s and up and the body trimming etc. and tons of info on tires but I couldn't find searching anything about 18" rims.

From what I know he plans on a 3" lift.

Anyone running 18 inch rims and what is he in for?

I've sen these and larger installed as Dealer trim with spacer lifts, so it'll work, but the question to ask is will this be a street only truck or will it be used on trails? If he plans to wheel it, he's better off with 16's.
he's going to encounter the same issue as any other running 285's (no matter the wheel size)

the 18's are really heavy & have very little sidewall = not ideal for offroading. the low-pro wheels have really stiff sidewalls so airing down will do very little, and bending the wheel is a legitimate concern.

he can do it if he's set on 18s, just be careful offroad
There is really only one height for OME. I think they market as 3", but some people only get 2.5", different for which springs and additional weight on truck. I have ARB bumper, Warn winch, with OME heavy springs front and med springs in rear. The center of the wheel well to the ground is 40" all the way around.

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