256 foot pounds! What did you do? Real time help

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May 4, 2011
Golden Colorado
Untying on my crank shaft pulley and the torque setting calls for 256 foot pounds. My torque wrench only goes to 120. What did you do?
I used some locktite and my impact wrench. It's supposed to max out around 200 foot pounds. Hack way to do it but it's been 3-4 years since and it's been fine.
Don't overtighten it. I have heard you can strip the threads on the crank, then you're really fawked. Isn't there one of those tab washers that you bend over the nut to help keep it in place?
Right way = buy or borrow a larger torque wrench.

cheap way would be to set your arm to 250ft lbs and tighten it up. have you used a larger wrench before, in other words do you know what 250 feels like?
Where did you get that torque value? The 75 and 80 2F FSMs call for 116-144 foot pounds for that nut.
Where did you get that torque value? The 75 and 80 2F FSMs call for 116-144 foot pounds for that nut.




Whatever it takes.

devide your desired ft/lbs by your weight and this will give you the length of the bar you need to stand on. So if you are 180lb then 256/180=1.422. put a mark on your breaker bar at 1.422 ft, put in on your bolt/nut in a horizontal position and stand on your mark. Hope this helps
Sometimes torque values are given dry/wet (lubricated) values thus 144/116 seem right to me :meh:
But 256...? If you have a FSM then yeah, go with it. I am fortunate I can borrow big torque wrenches from work...I don't know if you can rent them but if you can make sure it has been calibrated within the last year.
Use a breaker bar with a pipe extension about 4 feet
then hang 64 pounds of weight on the end of it
4 feet times 64 pounds equals 256 pound foot torque
For the record I got the T value from the FAQ section. I am assuming its a bit high. I bent my damn breaker bar tightening the damn thing! however the B bar was made in china so who knows:meh:

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Max Ellery’s Land Cruiser Repair Manual 1969-1990 (FJ & RJ)
This manual is the most difficult to find specs in as they are not listed anywhere but in the procedures themselves which is great for using the manual step by step but it provides more torque specs then any other I have seen.

Here is the first half. (Although my boss rebuilds old Fords, I do not think he would appreciate what I did this afternoon at the office!)

General Maintenance
Oil Drain Plug w/new seal 29 f/lb
Spark Plugs 13 f/lb
Oil Filter 2/3rds turn past initial resistance (Use no tools)

2F & 3F Engines
Cylinder Head 90 f/lb (in sequence)
Rocker Assembly 12mm bolts 17 f/lb
Rocker Assembly 14mm bolts and nuts 25 f/lb
Intake Manifold 17mm bolts 51 f/lb
Intake Manifold 14mm bolts 37 f/lb
Intake Manifold Nuts 41 f/lb
Water Outlet Assembly 18 f/lb
Crankshaft timing gear thrust washers to block 9 f/lb
Timing Pulley Cover Bolts 14mm 18 f/lb
Timing Pulley Cover Bolts 10mm 43 i/lb (Note measurement is in inch pounds!)
Pulley Mount Bolt 253 f/lb
Power Steering Pulley Bolts 13 f/lb
Main Bearing Cap Bolts 19mm 99 f/lb
Main Bearing Cap Bolts 17mm 85 f/lb
Connecting Rod Cap Nuts 43 f/lb
Front End Plate Screws 18 f/lb
Front End Plate Bolts 22 f/lb
Flywheel to Crankshaft 64 f/lb

Fuel System
Fuel Inlet Pipe to Carb 11 f/lb
Fuel Pump to Block (w/ new gaskets) 13 f/lb

Lubrication System
Oil Pump 13 f/lb
Oil Outlet Pipe Union Bolts 33 f/lb
Union Nut 33 f/lb
Oil Pan Bolts 69 i/lb (Again in inch pounds!)
Oil Filter Bracket to Block 13 f/lb
Oil Cooler 47 f/lb

Ignition System
Spark Plugs 13 f/lb

Cooling System
Thermostat Water Outlet 13 f/lb

Charging System
Alternator Pulley Nut 45 f/lb

Clutch System
Reservoir Bleeder Plug 8 f/lb
Reservoir Tank 18 f/lb
Release Cylinder 9 f/lb
Flex Hose to Release Cylinder 11 f/lb
Pressure Plate retracting springs14 f/lb
Pressure Plate/Clutch Disc to Flywheel 14 f/lb

Manual Transmission
Reverse Restrict Pin Cover 14 f/lb
Selector Lever Shaft 27 f/lb
Rear Bearing Retainer Bolts to Transmission Case 13 f/lb
Lock Nut to Couter Gear 94 f/lb
Front Bearing Retainer w/ new gasket 12 f/lb

Xmsn Installation
Transmission to Clutch Housing 47 f/lb
Engine Rear Support Side Bolts 29 f/lb
Member Bolts 43 f/lb
Exhaust Pipe 46 f/lb
Starter (HJ and BJ models) 52 f/lb
Clutch Release Cylinder (HJ and BJ) 9 f/lb
Xfer Shift Lever to Xfer Case 18 f/lb
Front and Rear Drive Shafts 65 f/lb

Hey we aren't trying to beat you up, I think we are all trying to help. I hope you get it done right. Your build is looking great, keep up the good work :beer:
do we actually know Heifer wasn't drinking when he typed those ? :lol:
You gonna believe the FSM or something you read on the internets?
crank shaft pully torque

By contrast, this is the spec from the 3FE FSM. The torque changes depending on the engine/year apparently.
3FE Repair Manaul Supplement.jpg

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