250 chevy in Land Crusier

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Sep 13, 2003
As the subject says I have a 250 chevy inline six in my 72, 40. I need advice on the carb. It has a Monojet on it and its not running right. It backfires at like 1/4 throttle. I know I can adjust the fuel air mixture and lean it out a little. My question, has anybody ever run one of these off road. I know the Quadrajet runs crazy angles compared to other carbs. Is the monojet the same? Or should I get in touch with Clifford Performance and buy a manifold, carb (Webber 40idf) and some headers?
No I havent yet, Im away at college right now and when I go home, I only have time to drive it around the block. Gotta keep those seals in good condition.

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