24volt radiator fan

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Jan 15, 2005
Tower of murder baby.
well, the old bj40 is in the garage for a bit of a refresher,
( moving batteries and compressor out of engine compartment)
and in the process of figgering out how to cram in an intercooler, found these online.... http://www.spal-usa.com/ ( click fans, then a few of the sizes are available in 12 or 24volt )

anyone seen any other 24v fans around? (as in further north) contemplating doing the dual electric thing, as it would be pretty easy to hook them up in series. the trick would be the fan controller, I emailed those guys to see if they work 12 or 24, so we'll see. I guess they're just a resistor...? haven't messed with electric fans before.

all a bit overkill for my truck, which hasn't even had a fan shroud in 10 years (rather large radiator from a caterpillar....:grinpimp: ) but I figger if ther's an intercooler in front of it it may need a bit more help than it gets now.

hm, just noticed the Low Profile ones are about half the price of the high performance ones on there....

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I looked high and low for one of those 24 volt fans, price is quite good also.

Ryan, you could move the radiator towards the endine to get the clearance, there must be at least 6 or 8 inches from fan to rad?

We are wheeling with some guys from Van in Ladysmith this afternoon, thinking mount sicker.

Call me if you want to go, 741-6307
ah, like to, but not much is really going at the moment, the bj70 is too much of an undergeared princess ( the g/f would KILL me if I dented it)
the 40 is in many many pieces at the moment....

yeah I could move the rad back, and I plan to, however, my rad is about 5 inches thick....

plus, having no shroud, the fan becomes less and less efficient way off to the side like that...it's never been a problem, but it's one of those, " well it's apart now anyways...." sorta deals.

we'll see. I'm a cheap bastard so I may end up doing something different....

I'll let you know what they say if they get back to me, I did a bunch of hacking and chopping today, and I'm pretty sure I can get away without buying one....

which is good, extra coin for a better intercooler....
Coool looking forward to seeing the finished product.

Pretty fun run at Dumont, Taco, Runner and old school 1982 yota pickup truck.

All three trucks earned some panel scars, the boys were good hearted and took it all in stride.

Worst damage was at boomerange lake, Able tried a real tough climb, his rear right tired hooked a root as his front tires hit a off camber section throwing his FJ40 into a tree with quite some force.

New front frender and hood are on the need list.

All in all lots of fun, I got the chance to run Ables rig up some sections, almost effortless and barely spun a tire. Surprising what built rigs can do.....

Ables rig...
three speed tcase
fuel injected 2F
Detroit in the rear
double bead locks
Saginaw box(OK Im sold on this part of the rig most of all).
Tapage said:
dude .. how much weight in your double beadlocks . ?

Not my truck, just got to drive it, although Able did say they are real heavey.

We had the truck on one climb bouncing pretty good, even felt like the front tires came off the ground.
Radd Cruisers said:
Not my truck, just got to drive it, although Able did say they are real heavey.

We had the truck on one climb bouncing pretty good, even felt like the front tires came off the ground.

I thought the same thing .. I like those ones .. but I haven't engought power to move proper heavy beadlocks.
Ill be getting one of these babies for my HZJ 60. Probably the 16" jobber with the accessories.

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