24V VDO voltmeter?

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Oct 19, 2004
Tannhauser Gate
Anyone have any experience with VDO marine guages? Got me a 24V voltmeter which has a low voltage warning light, but the instructions don't show how to wire the waning light in. Anyone wire one of these before?
How many wires to the warning light? Pics of the unit and wires?
Two contacts (+ -) to the meter itself, and two contacts on the warning bulb. Work on a pic in a minute...
Probably just 24v to the remaining wires to light(and ground) and if the voltage drops below a certain level a relay or switch of some sort will trigger the warning light to come on.
I would say its just ground and positive for the warning light. Probably can hook up to the same wires as the voltmeter is reading.
Oh, nevermind, got a hold of someone at VDO, and they told me the "warning light" was non-functional on the voltmeter, they used the same housings for all thier guages, the warning light only goes with guages with a sender (oil, temp, etc.). Too bad, an over/undercharge light would have been cool.

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