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May 11, 2012
I'm getting a 1987 HJ60 (Canadian) soon (I won't get to see the truck for 2 months)

I have concerns about the alternator.
1. The vac pump on the back according to MUD is very reliable. My problem is that my local elec. rebuild shop refuses to touch anything with a vac pump on the back. I also don't like the idea that if either component (alt or vac pump) goes out when I'm not close to home, local parts availability is non-existent. I had an issue with the alternator on the 3B, it was the only major mechanical hassle I had with the truck.

2. While it is a 24v system and I know the starter will pull half the amps to crank (compared to 12v), the alternator is still only 25amps, maybe a little higher. I plan to put a winch on the front and likely 25amps won't be enough.

What 24v alternators/vac pump combos (above 40amps) are people using?
I'm mainly concerned with parts availability, so offshore options are unappealing to me.

In order to get more output, and for better parts availability, and unless there's a higher amperage option that's available in the US that I haven't seen, I'd like to split the vac pump off the alternator and would like to know what options anyone else has tried.

This is based around the Delco 10si: http://www.amazon.com/Alternator-MA..._UL160_SR138,160_&refRID=1X08Z3PYQ2KR4AXRMT4G
I'm not totally convinced I NEED a 100amp 24v alternator, but it's pretty close to the same price as the lesser amp models, and 10si parts are fairly common.

I really like the Ford 3G and 4G alternators, but I haven't seen any 24v info, but I haven't yet called my alt/starter shop to see what they say, but the above 10si link is probably cheaper than their cost to rebuild a 3G/4G for 24v.

Any concerns with this?

Vacuum pump:
I believe for the HJ60, the only things I need it for are the brakes and the 4HI vac solenoids. Are there any other vac operated devices?
Option 1.
If I want to keep a vac pump, I'm leaning toward the Ford mechanical vac pump from a pre-98 7.3L Powerstroke. Mainly because they're compact, readily available, and I have the pulley for it already setup to work and fit w/o any modification to the pump itself. If it fails, I can go to a parts store, get a pump within a day, and replace it in 20 minutes. I just need to make a bracket to mount it to the 2H (not a big deal).

Any concerns with this?

Option 2. (as long as the brakes and 4HI valves are the only vac operated devices)
Hydroboost for the brakes (I'd upgrade to a readily available power steering pump), and use a small electric vac "boost pump", I'd probably use the one found on the hydroboost Super Duty Fords. Depending ton the PS pump, I may keep all the stock length belts.

Any concerns with this?

Are some hydroboost systems easier than others to install on a 2H 60 series?
Are there some systems to avoid?

Thanks for your help,
May 16, 2012
When my 24v alternator crapped itself I had no luck finding a replacement with a vac pump. I ended up getting my old one re-wired/rewound. Cost a fair bit, but I ended up with a 24v alternator that puts out up to 80 amps!! I'm in Aus though. There may be different items available to you.

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