22re diesel swap

Jul 16, 2005
Greetings from Grand County, CO.
I've been researching possible diesel engine options to swap into my 88 toyota pickup. Obviously, the big american diesels are the most common, but I'm not sure that trying to make one of these work is my best option. I do some light wheeling and long road trips with this vehicle. Besides 4" of suspension, 33" tires and a custom exhaust, the vehicle is stock. Some of the non-US Toyota diesels are very appealing, but I'm uncertain how to get one and which one would be best suited to my application. I read in a previous thread on this site that modifications outside of DOT/EPA specs could possibly get one into some hot water, but only if it involved doing the mods in a business setting(custom shop). Thanks for any insight or advice. Awesome forum!

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