22 Gallon Aux Tank

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Nov 1, 2011
Kooskia Idaho
I had a 22 gallon aux tank installed on my 78 FJ40 to be used as a second tank rather than a transfer tank. my mechanic has trouble getting it to work longer than 45 minutes before vehicle begins to starve for fuel.
I have an LS1 now, so longer running stock fuel pump. Running on stock tank works fine.
Is there any hope to have it set up like this? Or will it only work as a transfer tank?

I have an LS (6 liter) with stock 1970 fj40 underseat tank and the NWMP 22 gal rear aux tank, use a Ford dual tank switch that has suction & return, es2000 pump mounted on frame rail, runs 54 lbs. fuel pressure, jumps up when on the throttle to maybe 61lbs. I would need better pump if it was anything other than a stock motor. If your ls has mods ( injectors, cam, heads, tune, etc..) then the fuel really needs to have a bit more pressure ( IIRC the Bosch one gets you into the high 60's low 70's and supports mildly modified ls at higher rpm's much better. I have a fuel gauge in cab so I can see what the fuel pressure is doing under load, at idle, when off camber, and WOT. mine drops off before it hits the rev limiter, just sayin that the es2000 is good for stock but may lack if expecting performance. I can find the part number for the Ford switch ( Orielly's has em.)
If you're trying to use an in-line electric fuel pump to suck from the rear 22 gallon tank, and it's not close to the tank, that may be part of the problem. I just installed a Man-a-fre rear tank with internal fuel pump and it works perfect with the 6.0 LS
Well, I'm thinking you could use my "In-Tank" fuel pump mounting kits (for both tanks), run pumps inside both tanks, use a DPDT switch that switches tanks, pumps, and senders all with one throw of the toggle switch. To do this you want a vented cap on the stock/front tank, and if yours has evapo emission control canisters, don't use them. I'm really liking the Ford switching valve mentioned above since folks are having trouble with the Pollack valves.

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