Events/Trails 20th Annual Coal Mine Cruiser Classic

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Can't wait!!
We are looking forward to hosting the Expo run again this year!

A little bit of wheeling, a little bit of relaxing by the fire, family friend, some great eats and beers at the Elk Creek Cafe, and back to Event HQ in time to haul in raffle winnings on saturday!


Registration closes in 10 days, so if you’re on the fence, get off it!
Checking to see if the Gotham people are expecting to hit trails on Weds or no? I'm local-ish and not camping, so trying to see what days are worth the 90 min drive to go wheeling.
I had a great time this weekend!

Wishing I did harder trails and was out for longer...and also wishing I spent more time with you Gotham City guys on trail, even tho it was fun "greeting" everyone coming into Rausch as I waited for my truck.

I'll post pictures here; Steve, I would guess you can pull them to use for the IG account. Let me know if there is an issue.

Planning and managing events is taxing work and you guys ran the 20th with style and grace. Thank you for all you do! ❤️

See you guys soon at Dave's Place!
Lol Jon looks like a preacher man lol
Thanks again for another great event you guys do an awesome job glad the kids and I could help out we had a blast as usual, I appreciate everyone singing to Ellie always a good time and no carnage to the truck she’s ready to for the next event :bounce:;):steer::cheers:
Did you guys choose dates for 2020?

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