2022 Club Holiday Party

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BTW... January 7th is the one year anniversary of the passing of our good friend and club member Nico, aka @Lil FaJita. We might want to be aware of that and give a toast in remembrance. Also, don't forget to make it a celebration of everything great that we've done this year and the club's plans for the new year. He didn't want anyone to feel sorry for him and he really enjoyed being a part of our community.
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Hoping to make it and actually bring my wife. Her birthday is Sunday, but she said she doesn't care about that....more importantly, it's my sister in-law's birthday on Saturday and she's turning 50. I'll find out tonight when I see them if they are planning something for her on the 7th or not.
Looks like my sister-in-law will win out on the 7th for me...not so much by my choice though...:censor:
I'm out.. got pulled into a work trip
I’m picking up food at 6:15 from a local nice Italian eatery. Should be a nice spread. I’ll also have large coolers set up with Ice, so if you bring anything that needs a chill, you can just add to the fish cooler. Other important thing is that the party will be in the basement and rear patio/fireplace. Fire will be blazing so cigars, blunts or whatever you smoke is welcome. Please do not knock on the door upon arrival. No one may be upstairs to hear and let you in. Just barge in the garage side door or come directly to the back as there is access to the basement from the deck and patio. Santa brought Kiwi a new 9 week old playmate, so there will be a cute little puppy to entertain the crowd. Half sister from the same mother as Kiwi.

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