2015 Valley Hybrids Cruiser Swap Meet Stockton CA


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Mar 14, 2003
it's time for our anual cruiser specific swap meet in stockton, northern CA. date: May 2nd, time: 9am to 2pm location: 4932 waterloo road stockton CA ( 3/4 mile east of hwy 99 on right ) price: $10 per spot; attendance fee: freebie! food: we'll have a caterer on hand, lotsa junkfood within 1/2 mile. pets: NO. PLEASE leave your dogs at home. kids: only if they're supervised by an adult AT ALL TIMES!!!!!!! and i mean at all times. that does not translate to "as long as they're on the property", it means they need to be at your side at all times. so PLEASE be a responsible parent and keep your kids with you. show-n-shine: sure, so bring your cruisers!!!!!!! we'll come up with a prize..... so dig up your old parts, load them in your cruiser and show up. might as well crack open your piggy bank while you're at it. a few vendors have been invited and will be te the event as well. please keep in mind that this event will be hosted on a friends property. he has invited us to have the swap meet there once again. i have a ton of respect for chip so let's make sure we behave accordingly, clean up after ourselves,......you get the point. hope to see you there!!!!!!!

Georg @ Valley Hybrids
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