2014 Subwoofer Replacement?

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Feb 25, 2015
We just purchased a 2014 Land Cruiser and I am quite disappointed in the sound, particularly the subwoofer. Has anyone replaced the stock JBL sub amp and/or stock JBL subwoofer? I'd like to replace one or both and keep the sub in the factory location so that we don't lose any cargo room. Was hoping someone had a reference for an aftermarket sub with sufficient dimensions such that it will fit the factory location. Thanks!
I'm pretty happy with the sound to be honest with you but am always interested in upgrades. I would be interested to see if anyone replaced it, and what about powering it, if you run a bigger or better subwoofer would proly take more power, right?
I think my JBL is pretty darn good and I've had some really good aftermarket setups in the past.
At first I thought it was the JBL stereo that was awful in my '14. Then I realized it was the lack of XM bandwidth. Stereo sounds phenomenal when I am NOT listening to the poor quality of XM radio.
Can someone recommend or share your audio settings? Maybe I've got something set wrong or one of these "sound enhancement" features turned on/off when it shouldn't be...thanks!

Don't have settings in front of me but I know I have surround on and also played with equalizer settings. Also each output(radio, cd, DVD, Bluetooth, aux has their own settings so you need to adjust each one otherwise they are all factory settings.
I struggled with what I thought was poor audio quality with my 2008 LC. I always knew that satellite radio had poor quality, so I mostly listened to an iPod plugged into the AUX jack. But this never quite met my expectations. I tried playing CDs which sounded better, and listening to FM radio. On a whim, I purchased a FIIO X1 high resolution music player. It was only $99 and uses micro SD cards. Finally, this sound system lives up to its full potential.

I would highly recommend this music player to anyone. Even though the user interface and hardware are like stepping back a decade, the quality of sound has caused this, soon-to-be-former apple fan, to reassess their worldview.
So I am going to necro this post instead of starting a new once since this is the first thread that comes up on Google when you search for Land Cruiser 200 series subwoofer.

I just ordered a replacement 8" sub from Crutchfield for my LC200. trying to add a little more bump without getting crazy. If I had to guess, I'd guess it's not just the sub, but the amplification that needs work. Good news is, I already have a dedicated power line running from the battery with a 60A fuse that I use for my boat Powerwinch.

So I will amend this thread with the upgrade details... if someone can point me in the direction of how to remove the rear interior panel! I've got a gun vault in my truck so trying to determine if it absolutely must come out to do it.

Thanks in advance for your help.
I got it loose and almost out. I am going to have to remove my gun vault though.

Still amazed me that Toyota could engineer so much of this interior to just snap in and it hold, be quiet, and look pretty good!
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