2014 LX - AFS and TRAC Lights

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Apr 30, 2016
Hi all, my wife was involved in a collision a couple of days ago in her 2014 LX. It took a pretty good hit to the right front with the headlight being damaged and the alignment getting knocked off a few degrees (wheel points straight at about 11:55 instead of 12). There is what appears to be some superficial damage to the right front rim as well, but it doesn't look bent (not to say it's not, but wheels still seem balanced, etc.)

I'm hoping there's no frame damage but will find out after the body shop gets back to me. The AFS Off light is illuminated and so is the TRAC light. I think the AFS light is probably lit due to the headlight damage, but I'm a little worried about having a body shop try to work on anything related to traction control. Any ideas on whether it's alignment related, etc.? There are no error messages or other lights lit, and using the switch on the dash seems to have no effect.

All of this to say any idea if the TRAC system would be deactivated if the AFS isn't working? Maybe it's something as simple as a wheel speed sensor on the front right, but the fact there are no error codes popping up in the center display has me kind of baffled. Definitely makes me appreciate the "simplicity" of my 2006 LC!
If you can pull the CEL code, that may give us a little more to help you debug.
Would I be able to pull an error code using a simple scanner? The actual CEL isn't lit - just the TRAC light and the AFS light. Also, in thinking some more about it being a wheel speed sensor, there isn't an ABS light lit, so maybe not that?

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