2014 4Runner Transmission Maintenance Flush

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Jul 9, 2011
Decided to take advantage of a rainy day by doing a first simple drain and fill to revitalize the '14 4R limited 5 speed auto transmission fluid at 30k miles. I read all the instructions on how to get the correct hot fluid level in this "sealed" transmission and had all the apparatus ready to monitor fluid temp to the required 104-113F temp range. Opened the fill plug first (24mm socket) and then the level check plug (5mm hex). Since the vehicle was cold and stationary since the previous day I expected no fluid to drain from the check plug port as the riser or straw just inside the plug was supposed to contain fluid up to its expanded volume at 104-113F. Cold fluid should be below the straw opening. Instead all of the fluid in the pan drained out, measured at 53 oz. The plastic straw/riser was missing!

I refilled the fluid by the exact amount that drained out but I'm guessing after a number of flushes the cumulative errors could result in being way off the proper fill level so I'd like to go by the book using the straw skimmer at the correct temperature. I spoke with two local Toyota dealers and asked about getting a straw to put in there and the first had no idea what I was talking about. Even a "tech" the the parts counter guy asked was clueless. A second dealership parts guy investigated with a more knowledgeable tech who said I would need to buy a new pan just to get the straw. That can't be right.

Anybody have a lead on the part I am looking for? The one shown in most videos is red and looks about 1.5" long.

Thanks all!

Heck at those temperatures, one could 3D print one! Or if they new the threads, just get a screw and (even a nylon screw) and turn it on a small lathe. It would be a simple project. The trick would be getting the dimensions right.
But in the end, way cheaper than having to purchase an entire assembly.
That is the one thing I don't like about Toyota/Lexus is that if one small component of an assembly should go bad, e.g. break, an entire assembly must be purchased, not just the sub-component. :flipoff2:
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