2013 FJ45 run!!!!


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Mar 14, 2003
it's about time I post up the dates for the event which will be labor Day Weekend so Saturday august 31st thru Monday sept 2nd.

A s usual this is a "no sign-ups", "no registration" "no entry fee" type of event. just show up, bring enough food, camping gear and clothes and relax.

just like last year, the event will be held at Sourgrass trail which located off boards crossing road just south of the town of dorrington on hwy4 in northern CA. directions are pretty simple:
find highway 99. then get onto hwy4 east. follow that for a couple of hours till you get to the small town of Dorrington. don't blink, you'll miss it. take a right on boards crossing road and follow that for about 5 or 6 miles. that'll bring you down the side of a mountain and eventually to a bridge over a river at the bottom. cross the bridge and take a left into the parking/picnic area. you'll see a sign for the trail, hard to miss. take that trail to the very end, it's about 3 miles. you will need 4wd and there are a couple of spots where you'll have to pick a decent line to make it thru without having to back up. i have driven my bone stock and prestine 84 HJ47 troopie all the way in there without a scratch and without having to back up. try to come in with another vehicle if possible just in case.
there is no organized camping, just find a suitable spot. the camping area is plenty big and there's tons of shady spots due to the large and plentyful trees covering that part of the valley. we will be camped right next to the river. it's a beautiful spot and one of my favorites. just make sure you keep an eye on your kids. the river runs pretty good, even late in the season.
this year we had a lot less rain and snow than usual so the mosquitos should'nt be bad. but bring some bug spray just in case. we were up at rubicon a couple of weeks ago and there were more than enough moscitos up there!
as always, there will be two raffles. one for prizes ( you get one and only one ticket as long as you drive a cruiser to the event ) and a cash raffle. the later costs $10 per ticket. buy as many as you want. we will draw one winning ticket which gets half the cash in the pot. the other half goes to the "friends of the rubicon". so far we've donated about $5500 all together.
raffle prizes?! i've been working on them.....and sent out pms, emails and phone calls to a lot of my suppliers and distributors. prizes are tricking in, event got something from my snap-on dealer yesterday. it's become somewhat customary for participants to bring a raffle prize. it can be anything and i mean ANYTHING. we've had things ranging from tools to pocket knives to amazing quilts, pillows, blankets, onboard welder,.....and everything in between.

feel free to ask questions, i know i left a bunch of info out.

all rigs are welcome, you don't have to show un in an FJ45!

hope to see you there!

georg @ valley hybrids
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