Wanted 2013-2015 LX PNW Oregon/Eugene area

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Vehicle Model
  1. LX570
United States
My Hundy faithfully towed a "6500lb" trailer from FL to OR. It is time to move on to a 200 series.

I'd like to find a sub-100K mile LX570 in the 2013-2015 year range in the PNW - the closer to Eugene, OR, the better. I cannot deal with the mouse interface on the 2016-2020 models, and I'm not looking for a LC since AHC really floats my boat.

Any exterior color except black, any interior color except tan/beige or light colors etc. Anything dealing with towing on the rig already is a plus for me. It also needs to be rust free so I don't fight with gnarly and stuck nuts and bolts going forward.

It is OK if the TB/WP service has not been done yet. I work on my rig myself and can tackle the job. Full service history is needed so I can figure out what needs to be baselined after purchase.

I prefer closer to bone stock rather than kitted out for overlanding, but tasteful upgrades sprinkled here and there won't scare me off.

I will probably be selling my 01LX too, which will be a different thread in the appropriate area. It is almost 100% rust free, mechanically cherry, 190K miles, and needs nothing to hit the road.

Thank you, it will be a cash deal and no messing with financing, banks, etc.
Willing to travel nationwide. May sell the Hundy soon, so this gets higher life priority now.

Gotta be 13-15 MY LX570
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