SOLD 2013-2015 LC around $30k

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Vehicle Model
  1. 200 Series
United States
Have a nice 2007 100 series with 73k miles that I'm probably selling soon, and would like to replace it with a 200 series.

Would like to be below 130k miles and around $30k, color doesn't matter. Southern truck preferred with mx history. I know inventory has dried up but thought id at least ask on here!

Found a nice 2018 at a great price so no longer looking.
Deals are deff out there. Been kicking myself for passing not one, but two good deals in the past. Just have to be obsessive and check everyday haha. is a great source.
@Kramerica1 , Looking for a similar truck in OKC. Just came across your post referencing this Great resource!

If you come across another "deal", please share.

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