2012 Coal Mine Attendance Poll

Are you attending Coal Mine 2012? If so, What day are you showing up?

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Nov 5, 2004
All right, rather than try to scroll through a few threads and count who is going to this year's Coal Mine Cruiser Classic, I decided to post a poll to get an idea of who is coming on what day.

This is my first "organized wheeling event" and am not sure how you guys coordinate who brings what when several members of the club attend. Do you bring enough food to feed a group or do you just bring what you need to feed yourselves?
From the other CMCC thread, it sounds like you guys camp together and feed yourselves... is this the case?

How about tools and spares? I was figuring on bringing my standard trail tools kit and spares consisting of: 1 birf, 1 front long side, 1 long side rear, 1 3rd (since I won't have my anti wrap bar installed yet), 1 hub.

Lastly, any suggestions as to what I should bring aside from the normal overnight wheeling gear?
Everyone brings what ever they want to eat and we end up sharing. I am going to bring two or three whole chickens and put them in a smoker to share for dinner one night. I bring a bag full of too many tools and never have what I need and don't really have any spare parts.
Bring beer and bourbon and everything else will sort itself out. Sounds like too many spares to me; it's usually the short side that breaks and that is rare. I've only seen a few thirds that failed in 15 years of wheeling (but when they fail it's a real problem). I bring a couple of Neufields and f/r driveshafts (only because mine are not standard lengths).
I'm coming and maybe Christel too we'll see if she can spot since my #1 spotter is not coming doh. Hope to leave wed sometime wanted to leave tues but that's not looking good right now long story for the fire lol !

As far as food Steve are you bring a grill like Tom has with if so I'll bring burgers for everyone one night

Brother Burl
I am bringing a grill but its not as big or as nice as chef Thornton's. We can cook burgers on it thought.
i'll be bringin a little grill with alot of propane, and propane accessories....

i will also be bringin a two burner cook top that is like cooking on a gas range at home, it kicks ass! just not as much ass as Thornton's......
My plans for leaving today were dashed when my electrician was found dead this morning...

My house is undergoing a renovation project that has unfortunately been running anything but smoothly. New plan is to head out tomorrow. Hope to see you all Thursday morning.
Ugh. Sorry to hear that.
Ugh. Sorry to hear that.

Yeah, me too. He was 36 and his kids found him slumped in a chair. Really nice guy who did great work. Will take 4 weeks to figure out cause of death. I'm still hoping to make it up on Friday but it isn't looking good.

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