2011 LX570 - Check Tire Pressure System Alert

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Feb 17, 2020
Houston, Texas
Hello everyone!

First time poster, long time reader. Very new to owning an SUV and working and modifying it, so please pardon my ignorance in this matter, as I try to learn from all the experts here.

Background. Bought a used - new to me - 2011 LX570 in Jan 2020, with 115k miles on it. I am in Houston and the ad was from San Antonio. Was a trade in at a dealer , single owner, immaculate maintenance records. Had been a long time dream to own a LC but when I started researching for purchase, considering my budget and the market availability at that time, 'settled' for a LX (fool!). I kept thinking why did I buy it, given all the things I had researched about LC's and how they were easier to mod. But owning this vehicle since then and understanding my driving habits and how I would be using it, I have grown to love it and I won't give this one up!

So pandemic, and life happens and I put my plans to modify this on hold due to multiple reasons. Finally decided to start by working on the wheels and tires and at the beginning of this year, bought some used Tundra wheels. Came with tires, they are Michelin - P275/65R18. Not the tires I wanted but can't spend much right now, so sticking with it. They have approx. 11,000 miles on them.

Issue -

Replaced them myself recently and checked the console. The TPMS check light did not turn on and the display showed the pressures. Took it for a spin and at the end of it checked again, no issues.
This was 2 weekends ago. This weekend, the check light comes on. I thought it might have been due to the car sitting around for 2 weeks and the weather changing. Had to take it for state inspection, so I prioritized that and decided to fill air after that. After the inspection, filled up air and drove for some time but the light remained on.
Tried to reset it - pressing the reset button under the steering wheel - like the instructions in one of the forums but did not work. The light stayed on. Took it to Discount tire to see if any sensor was bad. They checked all sensors, including the spare. All are working fine apparently. Tried resetting again but no use.

One disclosure - The spare is still the old 20" while the new tires are 18". Those four are same sensor brand and the spare has a different one. I am planning to replace the spare in a few weeks. Found a matching wheel, so need to buy a new tire for it.

It does not make sense to me that the difference in diameters would be causing it. Neither would the brand of the sensors. They are all working and the vehicle did record the pressures the first time. So, I am not sure what it could be.

Any help will be much appreciated.

So your tires have pressure (you checked them all manually)?
How did you transition to the tundra rims? Did you take sensors out if your 20s or buy new sensors? How were the sensors programmed if new?
Sorry for the late reply.

Thank you for responding. Yes, there is correct pressure, which was also confirmed later at Discount Tire.

The sensors came with the wheels that I bought. I installed the wheels and asked a local tire shop in my neighborhood for help to program them. As I did see the pressures and no errors after that, it was confusing as to why the error would show up a few days later. Hence went to Discount Tire for a second opinion but no luck. All they did was just check if the sensors were good, but nothing more.

I am going to the different tire place today and ask them to try and program. Was out of town so haven't been able to get to it.

Appreciate your kind help!
Tundra sensors are not compatible withe the land cruiser system. You'll need to use the sensors from your 20s or buy new sensors and have them programmed.
And I know you know, but you should get a spare that matches the other four.

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