2011 Jamieson 40's run (1 Viewer)

Jul 8, 2009
Melbourne, Australia
Hi all,

A few months ago we had our annual 40's run to a country town called Jamieson, in Victoria Australia.

We had 7 40's turn up for the trip and a few others as well, mostly Nissan Patrols.

It was a great few days and we had a great time. It's usually held at the same time each year and generally involves 40's, beer, talking about 40's, beer, 4x4ing and some beer.

Have a look at the videos from the weekend.

part I
Jamieson Weekend 2011 Part I - YouTube

part II
Jamieson Weekend 2011 Part II - YouTube

part III
Jamieson Weekend 2011 part III - YouTube

part IV
Jamieson Weekend 2011 part IV - YouTube

Hope you enjoy these videos.

I'll put my cars up here soon, an 82 FJ40 with 350 Chev, going LS1 in a few months, and an 82 FJ40 LX in fairly original condition.



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