2011 ACLC Offical Membership

Sep 23, 2004
'Wheel or 'wrenching is NOT a requirement and the bylaws are in place to maintain our chapter membership in TLCA. We are just a humble group who enjoy gathering to share our enthusiasm for the Toyota Land Cruiser.

**Please review the club bylaws for further membership information**

1. Membership is open to Individuals that own Toyota Motor Corporation manufactured four wheel drive vehicles.
2. For each calendar year, a sticky thread -- for membership -- shall be posted in the ACLC section of the TLCA Forum/Clubhouse forum. Any person qualified to be a member of the ACLC may register as a member by e-mailing his or her name and membership information to the e-mail address posted in the sticky thread. Members need register only once per calendar year. This information will be transferred into a file, distributed by email to other members and updated as needed.

Submit the following membership information to alamocitylandcruisers@gmail.com

-TLCA Membership #
-Type of Land Cruiser
-Preferred email address
-Forum name (if applicable)
-Phone number
-Please specify which are of the city you are in, N, NE, E, SE, S, SW, W, NW, or C.
-Wrench skill level (1-5), if you are willing and/or have room to assist others (Y/N)

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May 3, 2017
San Antonio, TX
How do i join the San Antonio Chapter?
Go to TLCA.ORG and select Alamo City Land Cruisers as your club. That is what I did. There are meeting every month but there are very informal. Usually the first Saturday of the month. Lately we have been meeting at Tycoon Flats on N. St Marys Ave in San Antonio. Apparently ACLC has a presence on Facebook but I do not participate in that platform. Hope this helps

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