2010 coaster, what's the engine?

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15b-fte at a guess.
I am pretty sure they are , I see them in the 76/77 series through mid 2000.
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Anyone know the engine that's in the 2010 coasters?
4 litre inline.
Commonrail turbo.
100kw at 2700rpm, 400Nm at 1800rpm.

Toyota Coaster: Standard LWB Bus specifications

Im sure the aussie models listed a 15B FTE when the 1HZ/1HD FTE were retired ,but 12 months later it had another 4cyl turbo diesel listed in its specs.
It maybe a similar engine with a Hino designation.
It looks as though the chassis code when using the N04C is
XZB50 or 51

That link mentions 4009cc. The 15B is 4104cc.

A quick google of 'Toyota 4009cc' brings up N04C - ive heard of it, but dont know anything about it.

I havent got time to look into it as im off to work, but a quick search found this -

Grand Motors Toyota

Good find, thanks. It appears the B series are gone.
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I wonder if it is a whole new engine or just a reworked 15B to comply with euro 4 standards?

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