FREE 2010 200 series Grill, Roof Rails w/ Crossbars, and Other Stuff (1 Viewer)

Aug 26, 2019
Free with local pickup in Chelsea Michigan before I take most of this stuff to the dump. All from my 2010 200 Series and replaced with aftermarket stuff. I realize some of this is JUNK but hey, one man’s trash....

Factory grill - in great shape
Factory roof rails with two cross bars - in good shape, I cracked one piece of a plastic cover while removing. Otherwise they’re good.
Factory skid plates - front 3 pieces are destroyed but the subsequent pieces are in decent shape for having 150k miles
Factory running boards - both dented from rocks :)
Factory suspension - LCAs, UCAs, front and rear shocks and springs. These are pretty well useless I think.


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