Wanted 2008 LC

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United States
Hi. Time to come back. Looking for a 2008/2009 LC with reasonable miles and, preferably, not too adulterated. A big ask I know. Prefer one in the Pacific Northwest, but will to travel for the right rig. Thanks.
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What would be reasonable in your mind? Just curious!

Crazy to consider that an 08 is now 8 years old.
80-ish or less would be nice.
there is a clean one in Katy TX - Don McGill - has an ARB and is one owner w/ 60k or so..... I looked at it this morning but am passing as I'd prefer something a bit newer.....

it also has a K40 built-in and load control for towing. the interior is mint, exterior almost perfect once you get rid of the cheap lights and horrible rims/tires....

I also was looking into that rig. They first listed at at 36K. I called about it and asked about a trade in. They offered bottom dollar on the trade and then bumped up the price about 3 grand. Now it is on auto trader for 39K and some change.
Thanks. I probably ought to sit back and lick my wounds for a bit before I jump on a LC ($4200 engine bill on wife's, now mine, Subaru Outback). Uggh. Looking forward to getting back to Toyota reliability someday.

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