2008 LC 79 Air cleaner hose on 1994 LC80

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Sep 10, 2004
I broke the the air cleaner hose while cleaning the filter as it became brittle after 4 years of continuous hear cycles, I live in the Dubai-UAE, and has good relations with Toyota service manager. last week I dropped my LX for 100k maintenance and saw the resonators on the air cleaner hose. I asked the service manger and he said that they serve as harmonic air pressure blaa blaa that ADDS power and acoustic damper as well.
In the Middle East we had the 1 fzfe engine up to 2010, So I checked the 2008 LC 79 and it resonator and LC 100 have TWO from 1998 up to 2007.
I spoke with the toyota parts guy and ordered the air cleaner hose and resonator part number 17881-66160 and 17893-66010 since the 100 series hose is very long compared to the LC79.
i trimmed 10mm from both end of the cleaner and installed on the 80 series. I could not believe the throttle response that the revised hose and resonator provided !! i know it might a plasibo effect.
my friend took the 80 to shift stuff to his new house and he said that my car is broken as it felt very fast compared with his previous driving experience.
I know I do not have any scientific facts but trust me it works, i mean why would toyota go through the trouble to put two resonators if they have no advantages?
the part number for the 2006 LC100 air cleaner hose is 17881-66100.
so find the cheapest aircleaner hose with resonator and experiment with it for addition cheap power.
i will take pictures tomorrow of the new setup.
furthermore the parts guy told that he noticed that the majority of the turbo- supercharged LC 100 guys ask for 1994 pistons as they are much more heavy duty than the second generation 1 FZFE pistons, and naturally aspirated 80 series owners put newer pistons as they are lighter and have less dead air volume due to revised ring position and revised design. i ordered one piston of each i will take picture and compare the weights
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