2007 iPod/iPhone integration

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Feb 24, 2010
Obviously this isn't a badass wheeling post...

I ordered a PXAMG PGHTY1 module from replacementradios.com and took it to a local stereo installation shop.

Installation was more than I would like, but a deal considering I wanted it done right: no time, and no way to get the dash bits removed without damage, fuggit. If I knew how to get it into an '07 I would... durr.... yes I searched, and tried, up to almost ****ing my dash. They got it done.

After install:

Plugging my 8Gb iPhone (2nd gen) in yields a real interface to the iPod bit. Bluetooth still works via the truck, but the song playing is in the background. I view this as a feature, not a bug. Kinda fun.

Anyway, the interface works, but it's not what you'll get from a newer head unit.

Browsing the iPod/phone is a biotch and takes some learning. It's not slick but it works. Hit "TEXT" and the numbered boxes , etc. Not fun.

Also, the display only shows the first 10 characters or so.

In short, it works. It charges the phone/pod, and allows playback. It's not fancy, but you can hear your tunes.

Navigating your music catalog can be a learning experience for sure. It's rough, but it works.
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