2006 Tierra Del Sol Safari

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Mar 28, 2005
Cherry Valley CA
Any land cruiser folks going to this small event??
fifth year running and still enjoy it, just wondering how many people are going?

I'll be there on Saturday.
I will be there sometime friday night... with a few from our neck of the woods
Too much already going in March - maybe next year.
I would love to be there to add another 80. If my rig was built up like yours I wouldnt hesitate.
Mine is still stock and with another baby on the way - its the Minivan for now.
FYI, for everyone who is unfamiliar with Truckhaven Hills. Truckhaven is very stock vehicle friendly, no real rocks just hard pack dirt. Ask Brentbba he went last year in his stock 80 and had a blast.
Scheduled to be out of town this weekend. If I can get out of work this weekend I'll be there without hesitation.

Newps said:
FYI, for everyone who is unfamiliar with Truckhaven Hills. Truckhaven is very stock vehicle friendly, no real rocks just hard pack dirt. Ask Brentbba he went last year in his stock 80 and had a blast.

Hey - I recognize that truck. New front bumper tho! :flipoff2:

Agreed, I got high centered once on a quick up and over section. Slightly altered line and went right over. Next time I'm out there, I'd love to find the way up to the telephone booth tho.
Stand corrected after searching and reading.
Just shows that I need (and want (can?) to go on organized runs and get educated :D .
Here are a few more pics from Truckhaven. Compliments to Otis for the pics.
Man, I would love to get out to TDS again but alas my 80 is in the shop. Perhaps next year. Brent, thanks for the heads up.
Originally posted by Slomo
Brent, thanks for the heads up.

Sorry Tare. Totall brain fart, to you I say thanks for the heads up.:eek:
A few questions about the event.

Some friends have property very near by that is fenced, are we better off going somewhere like that for camping, or is the giant dust bowl of everyone suggested?

The main run, is that also worth it, or is it just a hassle? I imagine I will try to stay away from the main traffic of 1000+ vehicles.

I'm sure we'll be the only 55 there. A love driving it on the highway for hours on end, swerving in ruts of asphalt, having my radio drown out by an angry f145 and super swampers. (actually, I kinda like the screaming sewing machine and the cesna like sound of intercos).
Last year the only reason it was dusty was due to wind. This was only a problem on Friday night, Saturday was perfect. I should mention this was true of our campsite; I cannot speak for everywhere else. I would camp with one of the TLCA groups that are going out. Myself personally, I like to wander around and not be tied to such a large group as the organized runs. They are still a lot of fun but action can get a little slow. I would like to get a group of Toyotas together and make our own run. One thing to keep in mind if you drive anything else besides a Jeep you get all the attention. TDS is a HUGE event and the naches at night are a blast. You will see some of the funniest sh*t go down. Along with some really talented wheelers.
having camped in the North Marina Blvd side for five years and grown tired of the 3am horn honkers and other BS we have moved our camp to the S22 side, this year on new years we found a little canyon North of S22 which was out of the wind and quiet compaired to previous Marina Bvd spots, Our Jeep friends camped at the intersection at the wash on Marina Blvd and were quite happy with the nightime action:beer:
A good new spot is the old quarry one exit North of Marina Blvd, has lots of flat spots and is away from the noise.

The trick to the run is be patient, when everybody is lined up looking like the 405, have a late meal, take a little trail run. Then later when the run has moved off, jump in and run the trail. The trail is well marked and very well traveled, or just go on your own run and do the TDS route on Sunday.
the thing I learned is that run is not worth the early wait for traffic to clear when you can just run it later, and enjoy the day.
That said, sure hope they have some Toyota stuff in the raffle, :flipoff2:
I was there. lol.
I only found out about it saturday morning quite by accident. My friend phoned me all frantic about all the sweet fj40s tooling around. We had a great time. I saw Mobi-arc there but it didn't even occure to me who he was.

We made it to the "phone booth" which was pretty cool. darn, I wish I'd known about this sooner. would have been fun to meet up with some other mud folk.
Next year I'll be there all weekend for sure...
I had a blast there this weekend. Amazing time with lots of technical sections. My stock pig had a very rough time in a couple spots on the blue sections, but made it after a dozen or so attemps each time. Some of the canyon turns were aslo hard with the pig. 8 point turn abouts without powersteering and 7 psi in the tires. At one point, it took two people to steer it. The hardest part was driving the swervy pig in the horrible wind on friday through yucca valley. The only technical trails we regularly drive on are the john bull, holcomb creek, dishpan stuff. Some of the side trails there were much more difficult for me. I think I saw 3 rolled jeeps the entire time and about 15 fj40's, 2 80's, my 55, 5 or so 60's, etc. One guy was doing well with his brand new, giant 4runner.

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